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19 September
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I love music and books about important things, no wait, I hate to read.
25 ta life, 7a7p, a jealousy issue, a life once lost, a perfect murder, agnostic front, anterabbae, aria, as i lay dying, as the sun sets, backstabbers inc., batter up, bleeding through, blood for blood, bloody sunday, bottom line, bowels of judas, breakdown, breathe in, breather resist, bury your dead, casey jones, cast aside, cdc, champion, circle takes the square, clenched fist, coma eternal, comeback kid, converge, crestfallen, crime in stereo, cromags, crowpath, cut the shit, damage, dance floor justice, daughters, death before dishonor, death by stereo, death threat, do or die, ed gein, embrace today, embraced, erase the past, evergreen terrace, figure four, floorpunch, forever is forgotten, found dead hanging, full blown chaos, give up the ghost, glass casket, glassjaw, hassan i sabbah, haste the day, have heart, holding on, hoods, horse the band, hxc, in control, ion dissonance, it dies today, killwhitneydead, kungfu rick, love is red, madball, mental, mercury switch, metalcore, misery signals, morai, moshing, most precious blood, murder weapon, nehemiah, neil perry, nientara, nodes of ranvier, nourish the flame, old school hardcore, on the rise, one up, over and out, over and over, paint it black, premonitions of war, pride kills, punishment, rag men, reaction, red winter dying, redline, reflux, repercussion, ringworm, sad state of affairs, santa sangre, saved by grace, scarlet, scream for silence, shattered realm, shaving rare animals, shoot to kill, sick of it all, sinai beach, since the flood, slapshot, sledgehammer, sleep by the riverside, some kind of hate, spearing jocasta, still crossed, still remains, stop it!!, stretch armstrong, striking distance, swimming in the nude, sxe, terror, that was then, the abandoned hearts club, the backup plan, the distance, the hope conspiracy, the judas cradle, the moor, the now, the prisoners dilemma, the red chord, throwdown, transistor transistor, trust no one, under one flag, unearth, until the end, uppercut, verse, walking fast, wings of scarlet, with dead hands rising, with honor, xanother wayx, xdeathstarx, xdisciplex a.d., xsuffocate fasterx, youth of today